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The Language of Color: How Color Printing Can Change Your Business for the Better




27 October 2015

As business owners, we invest so much time and energy into finding better ways – to save money, to increase productivity, to position our product or communicate our message with the world. After all those hours spent pushing ourselves to be grow, to be better, stronger, faster, is it possible that the right strategy was there all along – and that’s it’s as simple as just one word?


 It seems impossible to believe that something as simple as color printing can have such a tremendous and lasting impact on the success of your business, but our new guide 20 Ways to Share the Color Knowledge shows that’s exactly what it does. Color printing can change your business for the better.

The Stunning Facts on Color

Research has shown measurable results from printing business documents in color. Color emphasizes important, and often overlooked messages, and increases readers attention span and recall by more than 82%. It also helps you gain readership by a whopping 80% and makes an impression that is 39% more memorable. You’re 44% more likely to receive calls for business when you print your phone number in color, and people are 55% more likely to read your direct mail pieces if you print them in color.

Color printing also reduces search time and errors, helps readers locate information 70% faster (a much better rate than using different fonts), and can increase payment response by up to 30%. It also increases comprehension by 73%, increases learning and retention by 78% (are you out there, teachers?), and can boost survey retention and sales by as much as 80% – not to mention increasing both motivation and brand recognition by 80%. That means color printing is not only making a difference for your customers; it’s also having a profoundly positive impact on your employees.

The Color Gap: Why More Business Aren’t Using Color (But Should Be)

 With facts like that, there’s no denying the power of color printing. So why aren’t more business using it? Most business owners simply don’t know that color printing can be both affordable and more efficient than their standard printing processes already in place. They see color as a luxury when in fact, statistics like the ones above really position color as more of a necessity.

Machines like the Xerox WorkCentre 6505 are making it possible for small businesses to bridge the color gap and get the results they want without increasing their costs or disrupting their workflow. Options like the WorkCentre 6505 make it possible to bring previously outsourced projects in-house, and give businesses greater control of their marketing materials and other production pieces.

 Just when it seems too good to be true, companies like Xerox remind us that really, it isn’t. By providing simple solutions to help us work better, Xerox is helping us see the entire world in color.