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All Eyes On You: How Color Printing Can Make (or Break) Your Presentation




20 October 2015

The Digital Age has forever changed the way we live, work and play. With it has come benefits too numerous to count – and some new challenges as well.

 In what has become a screen dominated world, we are continually flooded with information from all directions. Never before have so many mediums and messages competed for our attention. So how will you ensure that your presentation will have the impact and interest required to capture your audience and clearly communicate your message? Would you believe that the answer may be as simple as…color?

You Are What You Print

When communicating substantial information, color can be effective in distinguishing categories and breaking down the information to make it more manageable. This is especially important in the digital world where distractions rule the day and attention spans are shorter than ever. When presenting, always give a handout – printed in color – to your audience. Over 90% of SMBs agree that color prints help attract new customers, improve their image and make a memorable impression.

 A few benefits of printing in color:

Quality Color Printing: Now Easier and More Accessible Than Ever

For many businesses, cost and convenience have in the past been major deterrents to color printing. But in this age when color matters more than ever before, the good news is that it is also more accessible and affordable. Xerox is making quality in house color printing easier than ever with printers and multifunction devices that provide outstanding and affordable color and software options that help you easily control costs.

 Holding the attention of an audience is the greatest challenge for any presenter. In this day and age, it’s harder than ever – unless you have the right strategy, and the right tools to execute it. Learn more here about solutions from Xerox that can help you create presentations they’ll remember. Take a minute to subscribe to ournewsletter and learn even more in the coming weeks about the tricks, tips and tools that can make every presentation a home run.

 Are you communicating in color? What will your audience remember from your next presentation?