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A new generation of colour printing has arrived.

It’s more than our brightest, sharpest, most accurate printing ever. Lexmark’s new generation of workgroup colour printers and MFPs support industry-specific solutions, while bringing you new ways of saving toner, paper, packaging, energy, and steps. They can even save the day when you’re on a roll and can't afford downtime.


Colour that astounds.

Solutions that

Technology that


Colour that astounds.

Lexmark’s new generation of colour printers and MFPs create our brightest, sharpest, most accurate output ever. It’s colour so vivid, text so clear, images so crisp . . . you’ll stop for a second look.

Unison core/shell toner—a Lexmark 700 and 800-series exclusive—is engineered for brighter, sharper colour than ever before. Built-in PANTONE® calibration and embedded colour sample pages help you nail perfect colour at the design stage, while Lexmark Colour Replacement technology combines spot colour replacement and RGB replacement for precision matching of critical colours in logos and other images.

New 800-series MFPs use high-quality CCD (Charged Coupled Device) sensors and a sophisticated five-piece optical glass lens to capture very high resolution details along with a widened colour space. A deep field of focus and very low distortion maintain both colour and information accuracy with every scan.

From printing to scanning, the new generation features colour so accurate, you can do everything in-house.

Solutions that connect.

Go beyond printing with solutions that pull together paper and digital workflows.

Business is about connections, like the kind you’ll make with device-based applications and Lexmark enterprise software that covers a spectrum of the roles and industries we know so well.

With their ability to adapt to changing business challenges, backed up by our industry knowledge, Lexmark devices and software become a productivity-enhancing part of your workflow--from desktop to mobile and every communication channel you and your customers use.

The new series can also integrate with Kofax TotalAgility® from Lexmark, the market’s first and only unified platform for the development and deployment of smart process applications.
TotalAgility provides the essential connection between your systems of engagement and systems of record, making the information-intensive interactions you have with your customers smarter. TotalAgility dramatically transforms the business-critical First Mile™ of information intensive customer interactions.

It's all about helping you work smarter and more securely. In fact, our new devices are the heart of a complete smart MFP ecosystem that grows and evolves with your business to help keep you and your customers connected.

Technology that saves.

Save time, headaches, energy and money.

Lexmark's new colour platform brings you new ways of saving toner, saving paper, saving packaging, saving energy, saving steps . . . and saving the day when you're on a roll and don't need downtime.

Ultra High Yield replacement toner cartridges that produce up to 55,000 black and up to 55,000 colour pages on some models join with imaging components designed for up to 300,000 pages. That means longer production intervals, fewer interruptions and less packaging waste, whether you’re covered by Lexmark managed print services or do it yourself.

The new generation’s Unison core/shell toner has lower friction and works at lower temperatures, saving energy. And power-saving modes automatically minimise energy use while delivering responsive first-page output when you need it.

With so much technology that saves, our new arrivals have a lower total cost of ownership than others in their class--ultimately saving money.

Meet the family.

The 700 and 800 Series are available in configurations that meet the needs of the most demanding workplace.